Our Manufacturers


Roof and floor drains, cleanouts for residential or light commercial usage

General manufacturer warranty information.

Backflow preventers, pressure reducing and relief valves, fire protection safety valves

General manufacturer warranty information.

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Drinking fountains, Electric water coolers, bottle fillers, sinks

Emergency combination unit, drench shower, eye wash or eye/face wash

Grease, oil and solid polypropylene interceptors, neutralisation tanks, metering push-button shower system, stainless steel mop sink/ various sinks / handwash stations and drinking fountains, polypropylene laboratory sink

Tubular brass and plastic, waste overflows and more;

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Stainless steel collective and individual wash fountains, electronic faucets

Washing machine valve box, water closet flanges, various plumbing accessories Arrestor sizing service form by manufacturer

Architectural access doors

Advanced UV Water purification

Partitions and washroom accessories, school and industrial lockers

Manufacturer warranty

Ball valves and other related products

Condominium style faucets, pressure balanced, thermostatic shower bath/shower or bath valves

Partitions and washroom accessories, school and industrial lockers